“Carlee & Amy did a great job finding potential careers that fit what I was looking for. After finding a match for me, they were hands on in helping me tailor my resume and prepared me for the interview. I went into the interview feeling ready and confident!”

“Alison and Patrick both were a tremendous help getting me into my first sales job. Throughout the whole process they really helped prepare me for interviews and specific questions that allowed me to really set myself apart from the competition. I thought going through them was extremely beneficial and would recommend their help to anyone looking for a sales career. You can’t go wrong with these guys!”

“To give some background to people, I wanted to wait over a month into my new job before I wrote my recruiter a review. I feel that would allow me to be more accurate compared to writing one right when they helped me get a job. The process with SalesFirst was reasonable and fast. I worked with both Amy and Adam and they were really great throughout the whole thing. After sending in my resume,

“Jeff and Amy were wonderful to work with. They listened to what I was looking for and did a great job placing me with a company that fit me well. I felt prepared and confident going into every interview thanks to their preparation. They went above and beyond my expectations.”

“I was contacted through LinkedIn about a possible position with Alison Bell from Sales First. Since I have been in the IT industry for 15+ years I have had several experiences with recruiters. Alison’s approach was unique and refreshing. I had a pre-interview with her where she helped coach me through the phone interview and follow up email. Then another follow up coaching session for the in-person interview. Since interviewing and resumes change like the